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Sea Crest - A Gated Oceanfront Community in Otter Rock, Oregon
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Welcome to . . .
. . . St. Luke by the Sea and St. Stephen Episcopal Churches
Located on the Central Oregon Coast, St Stephen's and St Luke's expect guests: people of all faiths, race, nationalities and walks of life; urban and suburban; rich and poor, gay and straight; families and singles; young and old and in-between. Learn more.
St. Luke by the Sea Episcopal Church St. Stephen Episcopal Church
St. Luke by the Sea Episcopal Church
Mission: Christ is the center of this community which welcomes all to worship, to serve and to share.
The Rev. Peter Fones, Interim Vicar
The Rev. Senitila McKinley, Deacon
St. Stephen Episcopal Church
Mission: To follow the teachings of Christ; to love God, welcome all, serve the community.
The Rev. Peter Fones, Interim Vicar

Services & Events Schedule
Sunday 9:00 am Holy Eucharist
Sunday 9:00 am Sunday School
Tuesday noon Holy Eucharist
Friday 9:00 am God Talk @Alder Bistro
Services & Events Schedule
Sunday 11:00 am Holy Eucharist
Sunday 11:00 am Sunday School
Wednesday 10:30 am Bible Study
Wednesday 12:00 pm Holy Eucharist

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